Logistics is the management practices that are implemented for the stable superintendence of an organization’s supply chain including all the resources that are used to manage intangible items, such as information, time and data as well as the physical objects such as materials, equipment, food, animals, and liquids. Logistics involves the entire management of physical objects from its point of origin to the delivery to the end consumers after satisfying all the basic to advanced needs of corporate and consumers.

Achieving excellence in logistics is very necessary to direct the efforts onto a path of business success. Due to the lack of standardized processes, transparency, data silos and diverse levels of technology adoption, industries lacks in adding visibility and predictability to logistics operations, and hence unable to accelerate the physical flow of goods.
A significant part of logistics value chain is processed manually; organizations rely on paper-based documentation and manual data entry to adhere their business processes. It becomes a challenging task to track the provenance of goods and the real-time status of shipments, causing friction in global trade. There is no centralized access to the process to keep a track on a remote basis.

The use of blockchain in logistics can potentially resolve the frictions and headaches that logistics are facing. Blockchain can enable data transparency and centralized access to every activity and removes the chances of fraudulent and hence creating a single source of truth. Blockchain network highly secured and protected that once if any transaction or operations is listed to the blockchain, it neither be erased nor be altered.

Chybergenix. is a US and UK based blockchain development company, and have assisted a broad range of industries, organizations in managing their logistics in a highly secure and stable approach using our blockchain solutions. Clients from across the globe can reach us for their logistics blockchain management services.

Our Logistics Blockchain Management Services

Enable New Business Models

Digitizes the entire business model on a highly secured, certified, tamper-proof blockchain network.

Improves Quality Assurance

Upgrades the operational capability by allowing business operations to be operated digitally over a secured ledger.

Drive Greater Automation

It eliminates the government role and paperwork, enhances the automation of process under its network.

Streamlining Internal Documents

Validates the original documents among its certified users and prevents the creation of its multiple copies.

Greater Supply Chain Network Connectivity

All the operations and activities can be controlled by a remote controller using the blockchain network.

Develop Transparency and Traceability

Improve transparency in supply chain network and enables the remotely Traceability of the status of the shipment.

Alleviate Friction in Global Trade

Reduces frictions like procurement, track and trace, trade finance, customs collaboration, and transportation management.

Detects Fraud & Prevents Theft

It is nearly impossible to cheat with blockchain, it highly ensures fraud detection and theft prevention.

Allows to Issue Smart Contracts

Eliminates the need of mediators for validating smart contracts agreements, enforced and signed via a blockchain construct.

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