According to Akamai’s Q3 2015 rankings, the average downlink Internet speed in France is 8.2 Mbps and the average uplink speed is 10 Mbps.

Population & Internet Availability

The current population of France is approximately 67 million. More than 75% of residents have access to the Internet, especially broadband connections.

Main Types of Access to the Internet

French residents can access the following types of Internet services:

– Dial-up Internet (rarely used nowadays)
– ADSL Internet
– Wireless Internet (e.g. Satellite Internet)

Internet Access – Dial-up Internet

Dial-up services are almost entirely decommissioned in France, thanks to the fact that now over 94% of residents that can access the Internet may do so via broadband connections (i.e. ADSL). The remainder of customers that still use dial-up to access the Internet are expected to transition to broadband very soon.

Internet Access – ADSL

ADSL is currently the most popular form of Internet access in France, the entire technical infrastructure being adapted so as to support this technology. ADSL access had been introduced in France earlier than in other countries. By May 1998, the number of French households connected to the Internet was estimated at roughly 570,000, or 2.4% of French households. Nowadays, 94% of Internet customers are ADSL subscribers.

Internet Access – Wireless Internet

According to latest data, an estimated 500,000 households located in remote rural areas are unable to connect to the Internet via standard wired connections. These customers are forced to access the Internet via other wireless means, such as Satellite Internet.

Internet Censorship in France

France is not known to be promoting massive censorship on the Internet. In November 2010, a study conducted by OpenNet Initiative revealed that France was not showing any signs of Internet filtering in four areas that had been monitored over a certain period of time: political, social, conflict/security, as well as Internet tools. France continues to promote freedom of the press and online speech by allowing unfiltered access to most content within legal bounds. However, France does take very seriously copyright infringement issues, and anyone found to be breaking the copyright law will be punished severely.

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