The question of the hour. Who are you and what do you do for work?

We are an internet consultancy company specialized in innovation and data-driven solutions that helps our clients to grow their business.

We have a lot of experience in the development of turnkey applications and data driven solutions. Where this might be your first rodeo, for us it is common ground. This allows us to employ best practices in the development of your end solution. Furthermore we have developed a method that enables us to dramatically reduce the time and cost to start up to market for your products.

So what’s the big vision?

Well, technology changes at an ever increasing rate. So do people and so does life. Most start-up companies have difficulties keeping up. and technical debt piles up. To keep up you should rebuild your application every two years from scratch. We believe this can be done differently, and therefore use progressive services and applications, which allows for faster time to market and makes technical debt belong to the past.

When you mean fast….

Agile is a better word. Quality and speed when developing sometimes doesn’t work out so well. However work in two-weekly sprints. Communication is of major importance in everything we do. Depending on the client’s wishes we have daily or bi-weekly update meetings so that clients can monitor the results and timely adjust where needed.

So, what if i’m here for a re-branding and system overhaul? I have software I want you to work around…

We are used to work with different code version control systems. It does not really matter we will adapt to your processes. .

What happens when we deploy?

All applications are thoroughly tested before they move to a live deployment Depending on the type of project and client we apply different testing approaches. Many of the applications we build on have been exposed to security audits, Software is kept to updated standards and we never use pirated software. For one it is unethical and second usually contains unwanted things.

I’m nervous about my learning curve.

We provide both in code documentation as well as extra documentation, depending on the client’s wishes.

Once an application goes live the development rhythm changes. Where previously we would fully focus on new functionality, we now get customer requests and other support handling. We offer different types of support for the applications we 

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